ITP Software India Pvt. Ltd. is an Information Technology solutions company. We deliver software solutions to the broadcasting industry across India, and have earned the distinction of offering the most credible products.

We offer cloud-based web solutions to various sectors like media, distributors, MSO (multiple system operators) and LCO (local cable operators). With the expertise we’ve developed, we can withstand the challenge of dynamic global market trends and technology upgrades, as well as deliver solutions which completely fit the customer’s needs. What’s more, with continuous innovation and enhancement of our products we strive to get you more out of your business.

And we do all this because of our belief in investing in our customers. At ITP we make every effort to build strong relationships with our customers and offer solutions wherein both we and our customers arrive at a win-win situation. As a result, in the very short span of two years, we have spread our operations throughout multiple locations in India and have earned a reputation for being the best.

Our core motivation is to provide customers with the best products and service. It encourages us to innovate and develop solutions to boost the convenience with which our customers can operate their businesses and increase their quality in the process. ITP is renowned for its creative ideas and innovative solutions which bring to you the perfect balance between technological upgrades and costs. The result – enhanced performance which benefits the organisation now and in the long term.

We innovate for customers keeping in mind industry perspectives, market research, business need, advanced technology, the intricacies of business, and various other important factors. We address all unmet needs of our customers with a carefully analysed approach considering our insight into the future of the business and the right approach towards innovation. With a strategic focus on all explored situations and needs, we plan and develop the solutions to make your business stronger and far more productive.

With the development of new technologies and its continuous influence on the business processes, the market demands solutions which is flexible enough to withstand and fit in technology lead change processes. Keeping in view the future with the existing current business trends we develop the solutions which enable greater collaboration and efficiency to the business and are flexible enough to implement the changes effectively over time. Besides, the customer response and valuable feedback keeps us updated with the challenges faced as well as the fruitful results which encourages us to add more value to the business.