Creating the Best

ITP has always endeavoured to bring about the simplest and best solutions in the cable industry. We recognised the market’s need for simplified business process and developed effective and smart solutions accordingly. The result was a host of Happy Customers – goal accomplished.

Our billing solution not only handles billing but is a complete business process application. It is a total customer relationship management application. Relationships with customers can be managed in the most effective way and service levels monitored and managed. Customers can maintain data of all their subscribers, activate/ deactivate subscribers, create different users, manage inventory with regards to supplier details, create reports, conduct invoicing and payments, generate bills and receipts, handle complaints with regards to different subscribers/ locations etc., among other things.

Customer satisfaction in regards to convenience and quality is our ultimate goal, and as such ITP has developed expertise in SMS (subscriber management system) with a strong foundation of service quality and data security. Our product features are attracting customers from everywhere to join our family. And, why not? It balances the cost complexity of the process by reducing costs of ownership, boosting service levels and maintaining efficiency of the process. The value addition to the billing process created by this application is unlike any other offered in the market.

Business process management

As a business grows, so do the complexities which will need to be managed on an everyday basis. These need to be done so at minimum possible risk and diversion. With Ezybill organising business processes becomes a breeze. You can organize your business processes in the most efficient way by categorizing different types of customers based on package, location or other variables and enhancing the service levels to suit customer requirements.

The payment process is managed by our self care portal which allows your customers to check their account and pay their bills online. It also allows the user to maintain customer details, machine details, inventory details with regards to different suppliers and locations, manage STB details, activate/ deactivate customers, categorize products, channel, manage complaints with regards to customers, products, inventory, collections, resellers, broadcasters and more.

Different reports can be generated keeping in mind customers, products, complaints, inventory, collections, resellers, broadcasters or any other variable. We also provide an excellent subscriber management system which will not only help retain the customers but will also lead to increased capacity and capability of handling different aspects of your business.

New business opportunities can be managed by tracking the main source of the leads and their status. New orders can also be followed with their exact status. Your efforts will be further supported by the customization provided to the individual needs of the triple play operators which lay a strong foundation of excellence. A better relationship with the customers will equal increased stability in your business.

Product highlights

Automatic payment updating

Auto email and SMS notification

Upgradable for multiple services

Order management

Multi-group reporting system

Complaint management system

Highly secured data environment

Low cost of ownership

Staff monitoring

Itemised reports

Invoice alerts and payment alerts

Automatic invoice generation

Device independent payment system

Complete customer relationship management

Server gets updated without any downtime

Data is captured and reports are generated automatically

Online subscription collection facility via website

No investment on maintenance of the system or technical manpower

Inventory management with regard to locations, suppliers, inventory items etc.

Fully secured online payment updating through HHT, mobile tablets