The Best Billing Solution

This web based software billing solution is the world’s first cloud based web solution introduced to the cable industry. Apart from making CATV operations easy and efficient, it is hosted on the best cloud servers available. They are highly secure and scalable to keep the data secure and to achieve higher output under any operational load.

Ezycable serves various sectors in the cable industry like media, distributors, multiple system operators and local cable operators. The solution not only makes the billing process easier but also increases the efficiency of the operations as a whole where a customer can maintain all the details of billing, reports, inventory, revenue, finance, subscribers, payments and collections, the account of different subscribers, and maintain the relation and service commitments with the subscribers in an efficient way.

Product highlights

Online billing collection

Staff monitoring

Complaint management

Inventory management of HHT

Manage packages of LCO

Multiple real time reports

Automatic periodic invoice generation

Complete customer relationship management