Automation Ahoy!

Digitalization is the new key word. With advancements in technology and human psyche, there is now an increased need for automation, new ways of working and higher levels of security for data. Because of the challenges faced by the Indian cable industry, the government is putting together relevant rules on digital addressable system (DAS). As per the rules it will be mandatory for all viewers to get a digital set-top box and for operators to distribute the channels in a digital and addressable format. The digitalization has changed the Indian broadcasting industry by significantly benefiting the distributors, i.e multi-system operators (MSOs) and local cable operators (LCOs). The process has not only increased revenue but it also benefits the customers and does not leave any space for misuse of facilities.

With this in mind, we have come up with a new product Ezydigi, a web based digital subscriber management and billing solution for the broadcasting industry. This SaaS based product is an ideal solution with which the service providers can manage their customers, contracts, products, packages, billing and inventory, STBs, channels, complaints, reports, business information, news-letters and sales. It significantly balances the cost complexity by reducing the costs of ownership, boosting service levels and maintaining the efficiency of the process. The percentage between MSO and LCO will already be defined in the system.

The value addition to the billing process created by this application is appealing and encouraging to the cable industry. Its flawless features include billing accuracy, upgrading for multiple services, operating from anywhere, hence saving time. This solution is flexible enough to be integrated with multiple features as per future requirements.

The process management is structured at all the levels of the network where all updates come right from the ground level to the cloud. Both LCO and MCO have their respective powers to control the existing network. There is no room for any delays or unauthorized acts. The activation, deactivation etc. can be handled at both levels (LCO & MSO) with final confirmation by MSO where the set-top boxes are completely controlled by authorized personnel only.

Product highlights

Cloud billing solution


Order management

Billing management

Activation deactivation of STBs

STBs controlled by MSO

Itemised reports

Device independent billing

Access to real time data